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Business valuation

Business valuation

A rigorous evaluation of your business to make reasoned decisions

Knowing the value of your company is often necessary to carry out an important operation such as:

Reorganization of the shareholder base,

The exit of a partner,

Sell-side deal,

Buy-side deal,

The opening of the capital to an investor,

The entry of collaborator(s),

A donation, etc.

MBA Capital supports you in all these crucial moments for you, your partners and the company.

MBA Capital, hundreds of evaluations performed.

MBA Capital's teams are called upon to perform daily valuations of companies during their missions of sale, transfer, acquisition, fund raising or financing.

However, a shareholder-manager may need to know the value of his or her company, without there necessarily being an assignment involved, such as, bringing an executive into the capital of his or her company, making a split gift between his or her children, or buying out the shares of a minority owner.

MBA Capital performs this valuation and writes a complete report presenting the salient characteristics of the company, developing the different valuation methods used, the results obtained with a conclusion establishing a range of values.

Valuing an unlisted company, a delicate but crucial operation

Any good evaluation starts with a precise and complete analysis of the company to be evaluated.

Economic and strategic diagnosis

• Assessment of the company's strategic positioning in its environment,
• Understanding of its business model and its evolution over time;
• Identification of the company's differentiating elements,
• Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT) of the company on its markets;
• Taking into account the human factors: internal organization, quality of the teams, roles of the key men or women, without forgetting the intuitu personae of the main facilitator.

Financial diagnosis

• Analysis of the company's historical performance and its evolution: sales, margins, results with sector comparison,
• Forecast of the landing of the current fiscal year,
• Understanding of the Business Plan, its basic assumptions, its construction, its consistency with the company's history and strategy,
• Assessment of the company's financial structure: working capital, working capital requirements, cash flow, debts and determination of the structural net debt and its probable evolution


I appreciated the human contact with Vincent JUGUET from MBA Capital Paris, who was personalized and involved, and who tried to understand my objectives and invested 150% of his time in the project because he believed in it so much. He was able to broaden the scope of my thinking by suggesting that I submit the project to industrialists, and not only to investment funds. 


Realistic methods, springboards for future negotiations.

The evaluator does not return a single amount but a range of values through the controlled use of different valuation methods, these must integrate the strategic analysis and the financial diagnosis carried out beforehand.

MBA Capital relies on recognized methods :

• Market comparables method,
• Transaction comparables method,
• Discounted cash flow method,
• Net asset value method,
• Sector methods,
• Goodwill income approach,
• Regression line,
• Distributive capacities,
• Value creation...


MBA Capital, your trusted partner for the evaluation of your company.

Thanks to its daily practice of the markets and their evolution, MBA Capital is able to provide you with a sincere and objective evaluation of your company according to the operation you are considering and to deliver what the Anglo-Saxons call a "fairness opinion".


The credibility and experience of MBA Capital's specialists in business valuation

The posture and experience of MBA Capital's experts guarantee a professional and rigorous approach throughout the process of valuing a company.

With its dense territorial network and its activity flow sustained by the operations carried out throughout the year, MBA Capital is able to provide you with a serious and credible company evaluation that will be recognized and even sought after by your contacts.

Q&A Business valuation

To evaluate the value of a company, MBA Capital uses 3 steps: The valuation by the corrected net assets, i.e. the patrimonial valuation of the company, the valuation according to the profitability of the company and the valuation by the projected cash flows which is a valuation according to the future prospects of the company.

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