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MBA Capital allows you to optimize your business transfer or sale process

Our DNA: defending your interests in complete independence
With several hundreds of transactions involving the sale of companies or branches of activity, MBA Capital offers its clients:

A proven approach because it is rigorous and pragmatic ;

A standardized and reassuring process to accompany the seller until the sale of his company ;

An approach adapted to the typology of each seller: shareholder-managers wishing to sell shares in a company, SMEs or ETIs, family offices, investment funds ;

Concrete solutions for shareholders wishing to transfer their company or to bring investors into the capital.

Anticipate to better sell your company with MBA Capital

MBA Capital advises shareholder-managers at each step of their business transfer process. The latter must be prepared and above all anticipated in order to be carried out in the best conditions.

Prepare your project at least 2 years in advance, ideally 3 years. The scope of the issues to be addressed and their complexity require a methodical approach and time to study the possible options before making a decision.

MBA Capital assists the future seller during this preparation phase.

Optimize your business transfer or sale process thanks to MBA Capital

MBA Capital's expertise in business valuation gives it the legitimacy to deal with a wide range of divestitures, regardless of the company's sector of activity and its size.

MBA Capital Bordeaux was able to guide us throughout the process of selling CMSV and to identify a solid buyer specialized in this sector of activity, who will ensure the development and will be able to fully release the potential of the company.

Denis BILLARD, seller of CMS Vacances, a subsidiary of BNP PARIBAS PERSONAL FINANCE

Analyzing your business
MBA Capital studies:

Shareholder and asset strategy ;

Legal aspects of the transaction ;

The company's business model

Financial elements ;

The company's internal organization, governance and key people.


Value your business

MBA Capital brings a professional perspective on the valuation of the company to be sold. 

Son expertise multi sectorielle et en matière d’évaluation financière confère à MBA Capital une pleine légitimité pour traiter tout dossier de cession, quels que soient le secteur d’activité et la taille de l’entreprise. 

Set a realistic goal

MBA Capital brings a professional perspective on the valuation of the company to be sold.

Maximize your chances of making the project happen

MBA Capital relies on its knowledge of transactions in France and abroad to find the right buyers for your business. 

Work hand in hand

MBA Capital's remuneration system is essentially based on success and aligned with the achievement of the objective defined with the shareholders.

Our commitment 

MBA Capital defends all the interests of the seller, from the financial characteristics of the deal to the guarantee of assets and liabilities and the terms of support.

A perfect knowledge of the economic structure and power of the MBA Capital and M&A Worldwide networks

MBA Capital adapts to each situation and relies on its coverage of the French territory as well as its international network to find buyers who will meet your expectations for the purchase of your company.


Q&A M&A Sell-side

We provide some food for thought below. The inventory is not exhaustive, as each company and each transfer project is unique.
On a private level, we recommend that you:
- to establish a retirement balance sheet and a patrimonial and inheritance balance sheet
- to project yourself in what your life, your projects, your hobbies will be after the transmission of your company
- to involve your spouse, your children, even your closest collaborators in the project

Concerning your business:
- Is it growing, stable or chaotic in its market?
- Is the environment and economic climate supportive or stable?
- Does it have reservoirs for growth?
- How intense is the competition?
- What are your competitive factors in your markets?
With respect to the women and men in your organization:
- Is your company highly identified with your leadership and management ("intuitu personae") or on the contrary "staffed"?
- Who are the key employees on whom a buyer will be able to rely?
- Is the know-how of the company and of the manager easily transferable to a third party ?

With regard to your tools:
- Is your website up to date?
- Do you have a management dashboard?
- Are any tangible or intangible investments required?
- Etc.

MBA Capital helps you prepare your business transfer.

The thought process in a business transfer is generally this:

- Does the shareholder-manager have a successor in the family environment?
- Does the company have key executives who are motivated to take over the business?
- Does the shareholder-manager have in mind a profile of a competitor or a complementary company that could take over his company and has he been approached in the past?
- What is the profile of the desired buyer: Large group, ETI or SME
- Or would the shareholder-manager prefer an individual buyer, a successor profile, who will be accompanied or not by an investment fund (MBI type LBO setups for "Management Buy In")

Each company is unique and MBA Capital will analyze your company using a plurality of indicators:

- Historical financial performance of your company (revenues and margins) - Growth prospects for the industry and your company - Comparable transactions in your sector of activity in France and internationally.
- Position of your company in its market
- Visibility and resilience of your company
- Etc.
We use the methods recognized by the profession: stock market comparables, transaction multiples, DCF ("discounted cash flows"), Net Asset Value, etc.


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