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Financial engineering

Financial engineering

Financial engineering with MBA Capital, an essential link to optimize your company's resources

MBA Capital masters the financial arrangements in order to find the financing adapted to the company's needs during so-called "equity" operations (sale,acquisition, transmission) and/or within the framework of its development (project financing, structured arrangements, fund raising).

Financial engineering combines financial, legal, accounting, tax and organizational techniques. It must allow to find the optimal balance between the needs of the company and its financial capacities while preserving the interest of its shareholders. This is the main objective of MBA Capital's teams.

"In addition to the difficulties inherent in setting up this type of project, the major constraint was the time frame for its completion. I must say that we found in Vincent JUGUET of MBA Capital - Paris, the right conductor. He knew how to surround himself with a law firm, ALKYNE AVOCATS, for the regulatory and legal terms and conditions, to negotiate the bank debt with the financial institutions as well as possible and to find in PENINSULAR CAPITAL, a Private Equity Company in our image. We would like to thank them all.


MBA Capital, expert in financial engineering for :

Advising shareholders - company managers

The vast majority of the top-line transactions (divestiture, acquisition, transmission, restructuring) conducted by MBA Capital include a financial engineering component. MBA Capital assists shareholders, company managers and investors in all financial techniques aimed at supporting the growth and sustainability of the company.

With a wide range of financial instruments

Well orchestrated, these operations allow for a complex mix of immediate or deferred equity (BSA) and structured debt (senior debt, mezzanine) or hybrid securities that can be converted into equity (convertible bonds). These are all techniques that MBA Capital's teams have mastered.

Long reserved for large cap companies, many so-called "structured" financings are now available to SMEs, allowing them to consolidate the company's quasi-equity without diluting the historical shareholders.


Advise executives or their financial management on debt

Within the framework of its development, or at key moments, a company has several solutions to finance its investments, its working capital or its current expenses:

  • Capital increase;
  • Self-financing;
  • Debt.

When properly managed, debt can be used as a financial management and tax optimization tool.

Some situations require that you review or optimize your debt, when :

  • The shareholder base must be modified (exit of minority shareholders, LBO, delisting) with or without dilution of the remaining shareholders;
  • Debt service is no longer covered by cash flow (the company is facing a sudden downturn in business or a momentary decline in profitability);
  • A partner is "out of touch" with the need for additional funding;
  • The bank pool needs to be reduced or rebalanced or the company wants to structure new debt or rationalize its existing debt (following an acquisition for example);
  • The company wishes to refinance a maturing bullet debt tool, without changing its shareholding and preserving its liquidity ;
  • The company wishes to secure its short and medium term financing.

MBA Capital assists companies, independently of their usual partners, in the analysis and modeling of their financing structure in order to :

  1. adapt it to their strategy and future cash flow profile;
  2. solicit their partners and/or new partners on the basis of precise specifications (amounts, terms, rates, collateral, ratios and covenants);
  3. conduct negotiations and finalize the implementation of financing, if necessary.

To finalize, in an optimal way, your operations:

Whether it is during an operation:

M&A: acquisition, disposal, transmission,

Leverage: LBO; MBO; MBI, OBO, ...

Entry of a development capital investment fund,

or as part of a more structural financial reflection,


MBA Capital's teams will help you find the most suitable solution for your personal and professional objectives, but also in the interest of the company to optimize its development and durability.

Q&A Financial engineering

A financial package must be done by experts in the field for it to be effective. With MBA Capital, we help you to carry out all the steps of a solid financial package that will determine your acquisition, merger or buyout of a company.

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