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At different stages of its existence, a company may need to strengthen its equity (bring in new shareholders) or its permanent capital (issue a private bond, simple or convertible, with or without financial tools to access the capital). For a fund raising or a capital opening, MBA Capital stands by the shareholders or managers and advises them on an optimized structure taking into account their constraints, both on the legal and financial aspects.

In the context of development capital operations,mergers and acquisitions or shareholder reorganization, the contribution of equity or quasi-equity makes it possible to complete the financing by strengthening the financial structure of the company.

MBA Capital advises all types of companies on raising capital, whether in the form of equity, bank debt, or hybrid instruments.

MBA Capital helps companies reach their fundraising goals with a variety of skills, tools, ideas and new perspectives.

MBA Capital advises SME managers in the search for and selection of public and private investors, the negotiation of subscription amounts and conditions, the analysis of the Shareholders' Agreement and the coordination of all parties involved in the transaction.

MBA Capital advises executives and financial managers of groups inthe optimization of their indebtedness.

Operations :

The fundraising concerns more particularly :

  • Growing companies, or companies with high growth potential that need to finance their investments (internal and/or external growth, capacity investments (CAPEX), technology development) ;
  • Companies wishing to control their debt ;
  • Managers or individuals in the context of Leverage Buy-Out (LBO) transactions.

The opening of capital to venture capital funds applies to newly created companies.

Good to know : In the case of a start-up, after an initial seed round, several fundraisings Successive rounds are often necessary to limit the dilution of existing shareholders and thus make each one successful. MBA Capital generally intervenes from the second round onwards.

The opening of capital to development capital investment funds applies to companies that have been established for several years, with a proven business model that has demonstrated its profitability. The presence of a quality middle management is often an asset.

Good to know : The investors dedicated to development capital are much more numerous than those focusing on venture capital, given the high probability of losses in this latter category of investment.

MBA Capital Lille, in the person of Nicolas BONNEL, has been, during the few months that the operation has been set up, a support, a force of proposal, a motivator as well as an adviser-mediator between all the parties involved in the file.

Pascale POUPART, CEO of Laboratoires GOBLET DAUM

Recommendations for your fundraising or capital opening

MBA Capital assists shareholders at all stages of the fundraising process:

Consideration of timing;

Process structuring;

Valuation and determination of the optimal financial package;

Investor selection and approach;

Negotiations on all financial aspects;

in particular the characteristics of the financial instruments used (shares, ABSAs, OBSAs, convertible bonds, mezzanine, bonds, etc.) and the associated legal aspects (partners' agreement, CB contract, bank covenants, management package, etc.)


Key points of a fundraising

MBA Capital studies them before the transaction and advises the companies:

  • in the finalization and validation of the business plan (projected income statements and balance sheets, cash flow statements);
  • in the valuation before the transaction, known as the "pre-money" value;
  • the modelling of the different financial instruments adapted to the operation;
  • in control and governance issues: shareholders' agreement, dilution/relution, blocking minority, voting rights, priority dividends, management or strategic committee and reporting tools, etc.

MBA Capital offers companies financial strategies adapted to the achievement of their objectives and according to shareholder or financing constraints.

MBA Capital, independent fundraising professional

MBA Capital is in regular contact with most of the players dedicated to small and mid caps, investment funds, private investors or family offices, private debt funds, etc.

Power of its networks, national and international

Experience confirmed by the large number of fundraising files already processed

Quality of financial engineering advice

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MBA Capital, your trusted partner for fundraising

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