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External growth strategy, MBA Capital pilots your company acquisition project

Any project of acquisition, purchase of a company or branches of activity, is part of a global development strategy. The capacity for rigorous and pragmatic analysis at a given point in time is just as necessary as the medium-term projection or the successful implementation of the business plan for a company acquisition.

Validate the financial capacity of the buyer

Approach targets that are not considering a sale a priori

To present to his client attractive companies according to the defined profile

Put you in touch with the most relevant company

Ultimately lead to the issuance of a letter of intent to acquire

Define the criteria for target companies

MBA Capital offers customized approaches to assist its clients in their external growth strategies, portfolio diversification, and the purchase of the majority or all of the shares of a target company. Except in the specific case of the acquisition of a company in difficulty, MBA capital supports its clients in :

  • Establish its strategic plan in which the acquisition project fits;
  • define criteria that target companies must meet (location, size, sector of activity, financial situation, etc.)

 A thought process adapted to specificities of the purchasers.

Managing shareholders, family offices, investment funds, groups or individual buyers.

Search for companies to acquire that create value for the buyer

The identification of companies that meet the strategic criteria is crucial to the success of an external growth project. MBA Capital carries out this phase efficiently, in accordance with the strategic plan defined beforehand.

MBA Capital vous accompagne dans l’acquisition d’une entreprise.

MBA Capital's experts are there to help you thanks to 2 decisive levers: a knowledge of the economic fabric and the power of MBA Capital's networks, both at the national and international levels.


25 years of experience in assisting companies wishing to acquire through horizontal or vertical growth.


An expert intervention at each step of the acquisition project, from the identification of the objectives to the integration of the acquired company.


Hundreds of acquisition transactions conducted for the financial competitiveness of its clients.


The extra soul of the MBA Capital experts

Recognized for their professionalism and independence, they know how to defuse the concerns that punctuate the process of acquiring or taking over a company. For the buyer, they concern the financial and organizational issues related to the purchase of the company.
On the target company's side, they arise from the idea of a merger with a sometimes competing company whose intentions must be clearly understood.

Post-acquisition integration: a securing mission for MBA Capital

Leading the negotiations and coordinating the other advisors of its buyer client, MBA Capital defends the latter's interests.

MBA Capital's remuneration method is aligned with a double objective: minimizing the value of the acquired company and securing the operation.

Structuring the payment of the price

Guarantees relating to changes in assets and liabilities.


70% of acquisitions do not yield the expected results due to a lack of project preparation, control of associated risks and anticipation of post-acquisition integration.


A strong recommendation

MBA Capital advises any company wishing to proceed with an external growth operation to prepare the post-merger integration in parallel with the acquisition process. This is what the Anglo-Saxons call "post-merger integration". MBA Capital's expert support includes this service.


MBA Capital shares its experience with you and accompanies you in all your business acquisition projects.

Q&A M&A Buy-side

The acquisition of a company is done in several steps, the most important of which is to correctly estimate the value of the company to ensure a balanced transaction. MBA Capital accompanies you from the estimation to the post acquisition communication.

The duration of a purchase, a takeover or an acquisition of a company varies according to the sector of activity. We have accompanied acquisition projects that have lasted from a few months to more than 5 years.

The acquisition of a company can be done with many different types of financing ranging from senior debt to equity contributions. MBA Capital helps you find the right financing for the acquisition of a company.

MBA Capital is a solid relay of information and takes care of the good communication between the different parties of an M&A, an acquisition or a buyout.


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