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RCM buys car dealers group PH PROMOTION

PH Promotion « The Toyota universe in the east » distributes the Toyota, Lexus, Mazda and Subaru brands in its dealerships in Alsace, Vosges and Meurthe & Moselle.

PH sells more than 3,400 new vehicles (NV), 2,600 used vehicles (UV) in its 11 sites with 139 employees for a turnover of 90 million euros.

The directors and the shareholder of the PH GROUP wished to hand over to an operator likely to continue the development of the group sharing the spirit and values that animate the company.

Patrick HARTZ has decided to sell out PH Promotion to the RCM GROUP, directed by Ronan CHABOT who was able to meet the expectations of ethics, of Toyota management, of organization and human values respect.

Founded in 1998 by Ronan CHABOT, RCM now brings together more than 1,200 employees around strong values which are : respect, performance, innovation and team spirit. RCM distributes the Mercedes Benz (Industrial-utility vehicles & special vehicles), Toyota-Lexus and Porsche brands across 62 sites, with a turnover of 560 million euros in 2016 and a 2.6% EBIT.

In 2017, the group is expected to distribute 33,000 vehicles (NV/UV) for a turnover of about 720 million euros.

The acquisition of PH Promotion brings the sales potential of Toys motors to 11,000 NV and 12.000 UV on 33 concessions in the West, North and East of France.

MBA CAPITAL accompanied Patrick HARTZ, the sole shareholder, and Jean-Pierre WOLF in the sellout transaction.

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