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LTI SOFTINVEST implements its MBO

LTI SOFTINVEST, based near Strasbourg, is an accounting and financial management software editor. Its products are especially distributed under the TOTALINFO brand.

Functional, trustworthy and efficient, products offered by LTI SOFTINVEST have been able through the years to become a reference in the market.

LTI SOFTINVEST caters to a diversified customer base including mid and large accounts.

Sandrine CARITEY and Laurent DURRINGER, key executives and drivers of the company’s development over the last 17 years, have acquired all the shares of LTI SOFTINVEST through their TOTALINFO holding.

Capitalising upon their thorough knowledge of the company and its customer base, they plan today to develop through external growth and are open to any opportunity.

MBA CAPITAL has assisted the shareholders during the whole sellout process and advises today the two managers in their external growth project.

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